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Tokenizing Dreams, Building Realities: Your Key to Real Estate Revolution!

Profina is a groundbreaking venture, combining "Property Finance" into a revolutionary approach for real estate transactions. The Property Finance Token (PFT) serves as the linchpin, aiming to simplify cross-border transactions through smart contracts and a specialized blockchain protocol.

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About Us

Profina : Where Dreams Find a Blueprint

Profina, an amalgamation of "Property Finance," defines a novel paradigm in real estate dealings. Its essence lies in simplifying transactions and bringing a fresh perspective to the intersection of property and finance.

Profina strives to redefine how we engage with real estate. The core objectives encompass facilitating cross-border transactions seamlessly and leveraging the power of blockchain and smart contracts. The aim is to make property transactions as user-friendly as possible.

Why Choose Profina

Revolutionizing Real Estate Financing with Tailored Blockchain Excellence

Profina introduces a sophisticated blockchain protocol meticulously designed for real estate financing, addressing and surpassing the limitations of existing solutions. This innovative protocol serves as a dedicated bridge, offering a streamlined and highly efficient avenue for accessing funds in the realm of real estate.

At Profina, our groundbreaking framework relies on smart contracts to automate and streamline the funding process for real estate projects. These intelligent contracts ensure a transparent and seamless mechanism, elevating financing to new levels of efficiency and reliability. Our commitment is to provide a bespoke solution that sets new standards for accessibility, automation, and transparency in the landscape of real estate financing.


Token Creation

Tokenize real estate effortlessly within Profina, representing diverse assets on the blockchain for enhanced accessibility and engagement.


Profina's staking feature lets users secure transactions, contribute to network integrity, and earn rewards effortlessly.


Profina's lending feature offers easy access to capital for real estate projects, promoting financial inclusivity.

Spot Trading

Execute instant transactions at market prices with Profina's spot trading, boosting liquidity and creating a dynamic real estate marketplace.

P2P Transactions

Enable direct transactions between users with Profina's Peer to Peer feature, fostering decentralized real estate exchanges.

NFT Integration

Profina integrates NFTs for unique property representation, enhancing transparency, security, and uniqueness in transactions.


Presale : 37.50%
Liquidity: 20.25%
Treasury: 20.00%
Team: 10%
Holdback: 10%
Airdrop (Marketing): 2.25%


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Future Projects

Web-based Platform

Profina ensures accessibility through a user-friendly web based platform. Users can seamlessly engage in real estate transactions, manage their assets, and leverage the platform's features directly from their web browsers.

Android Application

Profina extends its reach to Android users with a specialized application designed for Andriod devices. The Android application replicates the functionality of the web-based platform, ensuring a consistent and optimized experience for users on such devices like samsung and other android phones.

IOS Application

Profina extends its reach to iOSusers with a specializedapplication designed for Appledevices. The iOS applicationmirrors the functionality of theweb-based platform, ensuring aconsistent and optimizedexperience for users on iPhonesand iPads


Profina is an experimental project, and participating in its ecosystem involves inherent risks. Please invest responsibly and conduct your own due diligence before making any investment decisions. The information and resources contained in this white paper are not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as financial advice. Regardless of anything to the contrary, nothing available on or through this white paper should be understood as a recommendation. Cryptocurrency can be volatile, we cannot and will not be held responsible for any losses incurred from any purchase. It is in your best interests to seek professional financial advice for anything cryptocurrency related.

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